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ALPHA IIŽ Continuous Radon Monitor

The Alpha II Continuous Radon Monitor Exceeds EPA Accuracy Requirements!

New Technology
 now brings Simplicity and Reliability combined in the Cost Effective

Designed for environmental surveyors, building contractors, real estate professionals and researchers, but simple enough and
cost effective for home-owners.
  • Designed to facilitate measurements according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency protocols.
  • First prototype developed in 1984 under EPA contract.
  • Evaluated and EPA approved.
  • Real-time measurement of radon concentration for 1 hour to 2664 days, displaying average concentration on built in LCD display or printed through your PC printer.
  • Solid state digital technology with no moving parts or fragile photomultiplier tubes.
  • Simple, user friendly microprocessor control, with no adjustments required.
  • No high maintenance pumps or filters to replace.
  • A.C. or battery power (3 C-Cells).
  • Unaffected by power surges or outages of less than 90 hours.
  • Keyed switch prevents tampering with controls once measurement starts. If tampering is detected the time of occurrence is recorded in memory and shown on printed report.
  • The unique technology is protected by U.S. patents.

Now Exceeds EPA Accuracy Requirements!

ALPHA IIŽ Continuous Radon Monitor from Diversified Research

ALPHA IIŽ Continuous Radon Monitor


A Note from the President
of Diversified Research

The stability of the solid state detector design does not require any user adjustments with each measurement. The Alpha IIŽ requires no maintenance or replacement of filters. Background noise (due to electrical interference) is filtered out by the unique design of the instrument and software.  Our one year warranty attests to the reliability of this professional Continuous Radon Monitor.

The classic simplicity of the Alpha IIŽ is complimented by the rugged 1/16 inch aluminum enclosure/carrying case. It is truly a workhorse for the environmental professional and real estate professional alike.

The success of Diversified Research rests entirely on the merit of its products. We will not engage in high powered promotion of inferior products. We are committed to providing the highest quality product and service to our customers, continually improving our product.  The Alpha IIŽ is not mass produced in China, but made to order in the U.S. by people for people.

Peter J. Diamondis, 
Designer of the Alpha IIŽ



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